RadioYo is the solution

A Blockchain-based Broadcasting and Services platform

That ensures content creators will receive credit and be financially rewarded for the content they create

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    About RadioYo

    RadioYo is building an open source blockchain-based broadcasting and services platform where developers, users, hosts, service providers and advertisers can openly collaborate, track ownership of content and content creators can be financially rewarded for their work.

    Laying the groundwork for a new age of ownership, tracking, content sharing and creation that is engaging, sustainable, borderless, and fair to all stakeholders.

    What Problems Are We Solving


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    Token Details

    • Blockchain
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    • Crowdsale Release
      33,000,000 RAO's


    We're often asked how will RAO get its value? We think the RAO's value is derived in multiple ways: If you're a person who has watched RadioYo grow and wants to support it's continued growth by contributing to it, a la contributing to a KickStarter campaign, then you can do that. Alternatively, if you are interested in transparency and an open Internet and want to benefit from the products and services available to you within the RadioYo ecosystem, then you can do that, too. (Ideally we hope people will participate in the ICO of the RAO for both reasons!).

    Here are a few examples of how developers, consumers, podcasters, service providers and advertisers would use the RAO within RadioYo's platform:

    • - Reward hosts for creating content.
    • - Reward developers who add functionality via APIs and DApps
    • - Reward listeners for interacting with ads

    Token Sale Terms

    RadioYo has taken steps to make sure their ICO is fair to all. We've created 34 different tiers with 500 being the minimum amount of tokens and 250,000 being the maximum for people, turned away early investors wanting a lion’s share of RAO and decided against holding a pre-sale. We feel in the long run our approach emphasizes organic growth and the importance of building and nurturing a strong community of RAO contributors.

    ICO Start Date

    March 1, 2018

    ICO End Date

    August 2, 2018

    Total Token Supply


    Crowdsale Token Supply


    Private Round Token Supply


    Team Token Supply


    Token Sale Hard Cap


    Token Sale soft cap

    Acceptable currencies

    ETH and BTC

    Token Symbol


    Token Type and Platform

    ERC20, Ethereum

    Price Per Token

    .10¢ USD

    Packages tier available

    Minimal transaction amount

    50$ USD Packages

    Maximum transaction amount

    250,000$ USD

    Token Percentage Sold to Public

    33 percent

    Total Tokens in Circulation after ICO

    33 percent

    Are Team Tokens locked/vested






    Token distribution is no later than 10 days after contribution and tokens come unlocked. Leftover tokens are burned.

    Token Distribution


    MILESTONE 1 – Q2 2016

    RadioYo rolls out beta testing

    MILESTONE 2 – Q3 2017

    White Paper

    MILESTONE 3 – Q1 2018

    RadioYo Wallet
    RadioYo ICO

    MILESTONE 4 – Q2 2018

    RadioYo Private Ledger
    Payment Channels – Payment channels support enables frictionless and instant micropayments
    Open Developer Marketplace – The RadioYo Developer Marketplace launches with 10+ developers

    MILESTONE 5 – Q3 2018

    Reputation System – RadioYo will integrate a reputation and dispute resolution system to combat spam or fraud on the network.

    MILESTONE 6 – Q4 2018

    Integrate with CMS systems and browsers - RadioYo integrates with existing CMS platforms like Wordpress and Drupal using an open API and with browsers like FireFox and Tor.

    MILESTONE 7 – Q1 2019

    Image and Video Support – While RadioYo supports audio content initially, the platform expands to adding images and video

    MILESTONE 8 – Q2 2019

    Online Publishing Support – The platform expands to include articles, books, etc.


    Steven Blinn



    Steven Blinn, the founder of RadioYo, brings more than 20 years of PR and marketing experience to the table having run his tech PR firm BlinnPR successfully. While living in Toronto, Steven organized and ran the Toronto Tech Meetup, which at the time was the largest tech-networking group in the GTA. Since his return, Steven has been focused on RadioYo and working to make the platform successful.

    Cary Torkelson



    Cary Torkelson has co-founded two mobile software companies, has over 20 years of Wall Street and startup experience, and has filed over 10 patents in the fields of telephony, mobile broadcasting, data encryption, and advertising technology.



    Software Engineer

    5 years of experience working in IT industry. Throught my past days I've been able to explore the different areas of adavance technology and vast skillsets required for enterprise solutions devlopment and design.



    Quality Control Head

    As an quality control head Dhyan has played various crucial roles in his career by ensuring that different products meet certain standards of quality for it's niche market. Dhyan's expertise involves planning, direction or coordinating quality assurance programs and formulate quality control policies.




    Full stack developer with strong experience with Blockchain, Ethereum, Smart Contract development. Experience in AI projects. Prior roles included CTO and Chief Architect. Co-founded 2 tech startups where he led the technical side.

    token sale trignobit



    Trignobit Technologies is based in Northern India, provides world-class custom software development, mobile development services & Web development services worldwide. They are focused on delivering application software (end-user programs) that includes complex database driven programs, custom software development, web-based portals, desktop software & mobile development services.




    Girish is a devOps Engineer with knack for blockchain. He specializes in building high availability distributed systems and is a strong follower of TDD.

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